Hello, my name is Bobby Ingram. I have been an avid bow hunter for over 30 years. For years, I have, as we all have, had to deal with the issue of lining up circles, causing drive by shooting or working real hard to keep the circles in line without losing the target. Some too small to gather light, others too big and had to deal with blurry pins with too much light. Once the adjustable sight hit the market I jumped in to see if it would help me with the issue of blurry pins. Being able to just look at one pin. So, the game started.

In 2013 I started the task of making a peep that was different. Round peeps were a problem for me, they had to be an issue for others too. What we came up with was more than we thought of doing at first. You were not limited to ways of increasing light. Too big too blurry and you had the side to side issues when shooting, left or rights. Too small and you give up light, right at first or last shooting light you had a hard time finding your pins.. With the Cm0re peep you were not limited anymore. A different design, a different look, Oval. No more dive by shooting, trying to line up circles. The oval shape of the peep allows for more light, allows you to come to anchor faster, and get that shot off quicker, because it’s drawing in more light. If you try our Cm0re peep and are not 100% satisfied, we will refund you your money of the peep.

Thank you

Bobby Ingram, Inventor of the CmOre Peep.